Horse Quotes 馬術家名言集9 ヌノ・オリヴェイラ

Nuno Oliveira


Equestrian art is the perfect understanding and harmony between horse and rider.


Make him a companion, and not a slave, then you will see what a true friend he is.


Art is not a competition. Competitive dressage cannot therefore be an art; it is a sport. Art is not a competition; art is love. Now I ask you, how many people realize that?


I know that I still have much to learn, and will go on learning until my dying day, not only by riding, but by studying, thinking deeply, and observing.


Only the rder free from any contraction will have a horse equally free. It is this total ease and relaxation that makes the rider as one with his horse, without hindering any movements.


Horse Quotes 馬術家名言集8 クリムケ博士

Dr. Reiner Klimke

from "Ahlerich: The Making of a Dressage World Champion"


The experienced horseman knows that patience is needed on the long route which brings a horse from basic training to the top of the discipline. But how many lovers of horses have enough knowledge of horsemanship? Often a horse is regarded merely as a piece of sports equipment. Hence, knowledge of training and horsemanship has generally diminished.


Horse Quotes 馬術家名言集7 パディラック司令官

"Equitation, La Trandition Classique" by Commandant de Padirac

「乗馬の愉しみ、フランス伝統馬術」 パディラック司令官



Avant tout, ne jamais forcer

Gymnastiquer et non forcer, attendre le movement

Une methode est un tout. Il faut la prendre des le debut et ne pas rechercher tout de suite les chapitres qui vous interessent le plus.

Commencez d'abord par vous convaincre avec humilite que vous ne savez rien. Trop de cavaliers se croient capables de dresser un cheval parce qu'ils tiennent sur leur selle. Ills ignorant:
- la position qui donne l'equilibre et la grace,
- l'emploi des aides qui transmettent les ordres dans les meilleures conditions.
Qu'ils apprennent d'abord tout cela.

- 馬をバランスよく美しく運動させるには、騎手が良い姿勢であること <すぐれた姿勢>
- 馬に指示を伝えるには、騎手は馬が応えうる状態を感じとって扶助を出せること <すぐれた感覚>


Pour etre un bon homme a cheval, il faut etre un bel homme a cheval.

... sans position il ne peut y avoir un travail de qualite.

Travailler le bases

On le gene. C'est evident.

Mais, ... c'est a cause de vous! Oui, vous.

Les doighs s'ecrasent sur le cuir, en faisant tres attention a ce que la main n'avance nine recule. La est le probleme, la est la difficulte.

Horse Quates 馬術家名言集6 ポダイスキー大佐


Alois Podhajsky

Success with only come to the dressage rider who wins the friendships of his four-legged partner and turn him into an alley.


In dressage the rider sets himself a fascinating task for to learn the character of his horse thoroughly he must study it in detail and turn himself into an animal psychologist.


Every rider must not only ride but also think, as only a thingking rider will be able to attain his goal in a relative short time without spoiling his horse.


The feeling of the rider may be compared to the hearing of musican. Both mush have sufficient talent to be able to play the instrument, whether a living creature or an inanimate device.


Horse Quotes 馬術家名言集5 ラ・ゲリニエール

"Ecole de Cavalerie" by Francois Robichon de la Guerinier


All sciences and arts have principles and rules, by means of which one makes discoveries leading to their perfection. Horsemanship is the one art for which it seems one needs only practice. However, practice without true principles is no other than routine, the fruit of which is a strained and unsure execution, a false diamond ...

全ての科学と技術には原理と法則があり、これを利用することで、人は完成の域に至る発見をします。ところが馬術では練習だけしていればよいと思われているようです。しかし、原理に基づかない練習はルーチン以外のなにものでもありません。そのような練習から得られるものは不自然で不安定な馬の動きであり、偽物のダイアモンドなのです...(中略) 。

The knowledge of the nature of a horse is one of the first fundations of the art of riding it, and every horseman must make it his principal study.


All human beings love horses. I think everyone is thankful for the many ways a horse will make himself useful, giving willingly of the work we expect from him, and also the pleasure he gives us in so many ways. A rider who loves not his horse will only bring danger upon him.


By grace I comprehend an air of ease and freedom ... keeping in so far as possible during all the movements of the horse that exact equilibrium which comes from judicious balance of the body's weight.

馬上の優雅さとは、楽にのびのびと乗っている様から感じられ、... (中略)... 馬の全ての動きにあわせて、体重のバランスをとり全くの平衡を保っていられることなのです。

Horse Quotes 馬術家名言集4 クセノポン

Xenophon and Dressage in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greeks have already acquired the highly sophisticated equestrian art employing the nature and psychology of horses.


When Alexander the Greate was ten years old, a horse trader from Thessaly brought Philip a horse. The horse refused to be mounted by anyone. Alexander, however, detected the horse's fear of his own shadow and asked for a turn to tame the horse, which he eventually managed. Philip bought the horse for him, and Alexander would name the horse Bucephalus.

"The Art of Horsemanship", by Xenophon, translated by M. H. Morgan Ph.DX

"... so that solitude means to the colt hunger and thirst and treasing horseflies, while food, drink, and relief from pain come from man. For if this be done, colts must not only love men, but even long for them."

"... there is not beauty in it either, any more than if one should whip and spur a dancer. There would be a great deal more ungracefulness than beauty in either a horse or man that was so treated. No, he shoul show off all his finest and most brilliant performances willingly and at a mere sign."

Horse Quotes 馬術家名言集3 Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts

Author of "The Man Who Listens to Horses" 「馬と話す男―サラブレッドの心をつかむ世界的調教師モンテイ・ロバーツの半生」


 Communication rather than Violence 暴力ではなくコミュニケーション

Good trainers can hear horses talking to them: great trainers can hear them whisper.

No one has the right to say, 'You must or I will hurt you.' To any creature, animal or human.
「言うことをきけ、さもなくば痛い目にあうぞ。」 などと言う権利は誰にもないはす。どんな生物、動物に対しても。当然、人間に対しても。

The horse is quintessential flight animal. When any pressure is applied to the relationship, he will almost always choose to leave rather than fight.

Remember, let your animal be free, DON'T RESTRICT. Make it nice for him to be near you ...

Not to fear him ... Hold in your mind the idea that the horse can do no wrong; that whathever action he takes was most likely influenced by you, ....


ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. ... The horse has a very predictable, discernible and effective language. The increadible thing about this language is that these animals need no interpreters.
「行いは言葉より雄弁なり(ことわざ)」 馬は非常に分かり易く効果的な言語を持っています。この馬の言語の驚くべき点は、通訳を必要としないことです。(つまり、万物共通のボディー・ランゲージ)

"I discovered that the key ingredient to the language "Equus" is the positioning of the body and its direction of travel. ... The attitude of the body relative to the long axis of the spine and the short axis - this is critial to their vocabulary. It is their vocabulary."

"Their eye contact also spoke volumes. When she was holding him out there, she always kept an eye directly lookinng at his eye, sometimes for uncomfortably long periods of time. When her eye slid a short distance off his, he knew he might be allowed back in."

"I don't think it's essential to use the area between the eyes as the stroking point, it seems to me to be more effective than other parts of the body. If a horse allows you into a part of his anatomy that he can't see, it's the ultimate expression of trust."

Horse Quotes 馬術家名言集2 岡部幸雄元騎手

Mr. Yukio Okabe, the former Japanese super jockey, has influenced my equestrian attitude since my early days. He respects horses, and adopts psychological approaches rather than forcing horses.




~ 競馬の主役をあくまで馬とみなし、馬と同じ目線に立って馬の気持ちをくみ取る馬優先主義の理念を提唱した。具体的には、人間の抱く無理な夢ほど馬にとって迷惑なことはない、無理を強いると馬の一生が変わってしまうという考えに立ち、馬の将来を見据えた育成、調教、レース、ローテーション管理を行うことを提唱した。~

~ また、岡部はレースで馬の能力を引き出す最善策を、「騎手が馬に働きかける要素をできるだけ減らして、馬の気持ちにできるだけ耳を貸す」ことであり、騎手が自分の思い通りにレースを動かそうとしても功を奏さないことが多いとしている。~




「"追える"ということも、腕力ではなくリズムの問題といっていい。... 馬を走らせることについては、やはり力よりもリズム、バランスの良さの方が大事だからだ。馬に対する当たりの柔らかさということでは、女性の方が上だとさえ感じる。... 競走馬は非常にデリケートな性格をしているので、人間以上にリズムというものが大切になる。」


「技術の向上はレースに数多く乗ること。上達への一番の早道は、レースに多く出場し、しかも能力のある馬に乗ること。... 馬に騎乗した場合、どんな要素が不足しているのかがわかるのは切り札といっていいだろう。... 何が足りないのかというのは、最高レベルの馬を知っていないとはっきりはわからない。」

Horse Quotes 馬術家名言集1 バルタバス



"Beauty resides in emotion and relationship between horse and rider. Technique is necessary. But, the relationship between horse and rider is important more than that. I want to see beauty in the relationship."



"There is not such thing as accelerated learning in equestrian technique. Mastering horsemanship is a slow process, gained at the speed of the learning person and horse. This pace of learning is what gives the beauty and value to passing on these skills."

“When you deal with a horse,” he says, “you deal with what is inside yourself”

"The more I plunge into the relationship of humans with horses, the more it seems to resemble the relationship between human beings. That's the universal side of our work. The horse for me is like a mirror."

"With classical dressage," he explained, "horses are taught more mechanically to do something very specific. They are under what I call permanent control. That's exactly the opposite of what I try to do. We're not there to show how well we ride the horses. My aim is to bring out the personality of the horses as you might with people, to let the horses express themselves. For example, a big black horse called Zingaro sits at the end of 'Eclipse.' He decided to do that. If one day he has an accident, I won't try to do that with another horse."

"Horses have taught me the patience, wisdom, humility, innocence and beauty of an art that dies the very instant it is created."

Princess Leia  レイア姫

Author:Princess Leia レイア姫